Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Return to the Motherland

Firstly apologies for the absence from my little blog but you know how it is; Chinese media crackdown and that. But after a month of travelling around Malaysia I am back in good Old Blighty, re-united with my Nylon, my Vintage and of course my little Blog.

Coming back has taken a little adjusting. It has felt like being taken out of a fashion jail and allowed to roam amongst the fashion forward again. Though, in saying that, I don't think the trends have changed all that much, the whole rock-chick and body-con is still around, much to my delight. Someone who I have been tracking on the blogs and fashions hit and miss sites has been Taylor Momsen. Although it disturbs me somewhat that she is only 16, her style has propelled her into the heights of a bon-a-fidé style icon. She has quite a one dimensional look but one that is bang on trend and pretty easy to mimic. Topshop's new line "Horror Girl" looks like it could have been ripped straight out of Miss Momsen’s wardrobe. So which came first the Momsen or the look?

To be honest the whole Disturbed Teen Grunge Goth look has been done a million times over but TM - being the stratospheric Gossip Girl star she is - has made it cool again. Maybe I’m just jealous I didn't do it first, and that I can't find a shade of purple lipstick quite as fitting as hers. Jealousy aside here is my take on the Momsen Look, enjoy.

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