Thursday, 12 August 2010

My New Girl Crush...

It may sound like I am being biased or overtly patriotic but my love for Tati Cotliar stems from more than our shared Argentine heritage...promise. I have in fact been following this stunning lady ever since I saw her strut her stuff down the catwalk at LFW in February, and since then this beauty has been making loud, crashing, splashy waves in the fashion world.

Further more she is very lovely. I was luckily able to chat to her and take her photo when I spotted outside Somerset House in February and even though I could see (from the crumpled A to Z in her hands) that she was rushing off to another show she still stopped and gave a nobody like me a little time. Plus she was funny; funny, sweet and beautiful it is an all powerful combination.

I think I love her and want to be her in almost equal measures.

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