Tuesday, 7 April 2009

The Chinese Glossy Brigades

When I left dear old London I knew I would miss my longstanding companion: the glossy mag. However, I underestimated the wealth of Chinese fashion magazine. Fair enough I cannot understand much of what is being written, but its Chinese reading practise and fashion culture all rolled into one, so joyous beautiful images with no backlash from the teachers. There is the ever present Vogue which was only launched in the PRC in 2005. It’s lay out is much like the British Vogue, which should be every girl's go to look book, and is not only a fashion bible but also a lifestyle magazine. It does feature Chinese designers who do not get much publicity outside of Asia, which has opened my eyes to a whole new fashion world, however, is not a typically Chinese magazine. Aimed at a much older audience it lists extremely expensive pieces (I guess not much different to British mag really). Grazia arrived in China this year bringing with it all the beautiful editorials and images we have come to expect from it. The articles are human interest stories like those featured in the British edition and its trend pages are fresh and forward. I am sure it will become a firm favourite in the hearts of the Chinese fashionista, so just watch this space. A more ‘Asian’ publication is ViVi. It is a Chinese/Hong Kong/ Japanese/ Taiwanese publication that aims at the 20’s demographic. AND I LOVE IT! Chinese fashion can be somewhat ridiculous and outlandish at times (think Paris Hilton Pink teamed with patent wedge heeled trainers and you are starting to come close to witnessing the travesties I see every day). But the thing that really attracts me to ViVi is that it has pages and pages of trends and photo shoots. It is basically a monthly look book with very little writing which works perfectly for me. It follows a totally unique style aesthetic to every other magazine, ViVi is ‘Pop Asian’ –think cute harajuku girls with the volume turned up- and it is exciting!There are a plethora of Chinese fashion publications to suit all tastes, including ELLE, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and many, many more. But Vogue, Grazia and ViVi have become my staple reading material. So if you will excuse me I’m going to settle down to some Vogue and M&S tea.

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