Friday, 10 April 2009


The weather here in old Nanjing has been getting warmer and warmer (today it even reached 24°C). So as a little girl from the land of rain I am unprepared for such strong April heat, but embracing the quintessential Englishness within I cracked out the legs, much against the protests of the Chinese (they are still in their thermals awaiting the real heat – 30°C and up). So I decided to rock out the American Apparel One-piece with a Chinese thin silk knit jumper over the top. I also dragged out my trusty Office jelly sandals that have lasted 3 long, not so hot, English summers now and are still going strong. Throw on a few ghettos gold chains and we are good to go. Look out China the British sun seekers are coming.

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安安 said...

The protests are certainly there. On more than one occasion I've been out in shorts or a T-shirt, perfectly suited to the late 20 degree weather we've experienced on somedays and old Chinese ladies have given me a wack on the back barking 你不是冷吗??or something to that effect. The thing is, I'm not cold, I'm actually hot, how different can our body temperatures really be?

So I've tingshuo'd that there is a particular day that some Chinese are programmed to switch from winter to spring/summer attire, and until that day [sanctioned by their parents, or Beijing, or both] they will continue to wear the thermals and coats despite what they might feel when they wake up in the morning.

To me it seems akin to the exercising after four in the afternoon is scientifically proven to be better for your health myth. That is fallacy turned habit turned truth.