Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Oxfam Extravaganza

Last Saturday myself and a lovely group of gal pals hit the "Make Do and Mend - Oxfam Chelsea Show" and let me tell you it was magnificent. Luckily we arrived nice and early so we got all the best picks. Their was jewellery, wedding dresses, hats, bags, slips; the whole kit and kabuddle. We rummaged till our little hearts couldn't rummage any more and guilt free too as it was all for charity. Guilt free shopping is my favourite kind! Much of the stuff was customised or made from reclaimed fabrics. I got chatting to the lovely ladies on the jewellery stand and they informed me that nearly every bit of a broken/ damaged piece of jewellery can be reused, for example if the chain brakes the charms, beads or clasps can be reused, brilliant huh?! They get given boxes from certain retailers of their damaged merchandise and these creative ladies turn them into wonderful pieces.

Speaking of wonderful pieces I bought some crackers!

Printed silk pussy-bow blouse, £8
Green jumper with Moor Hen image £1
Matching green vest with Moor Hen £1 (definitely not to be worn together unless impersonating a Moor Hen)
Lime patterned full swing skirt £8
- So with the ticket price included I spent £23...a very good days shopping in my eyes.

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