Monday, 21 September 2009

Moving House

So again I have been neglecting my lovely little blog but I have been going through the motions of moving house back to good old London town in time for the start of term.

And what a lovely new home I have found! It is a big grand designs cube with 3 bedrooms and a modern clean canvas. When we walked into the kitchen/dinner/lounge we were gripped by the orange curtains, brown sofas and dark brown table, these details mixed with my flatmates retro crockery collection have led us neatly into a kick ass seventies vibe living space. The fella's mum is even planning on donating a 70's barrel bar to complete the look.

So for now my mind is filled with preoccupations about finding storage and pictures, frames and mirrors for my new abode. Top on the 'To-Do-List' is home Internet, and then I promise ill be all yours my little blog; regaling you with all the wonderful sights of London town and its fashion forward.

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Ásgerður Snævarr said...

Hey Steph. Congrats on you new apt! I'm also moving out soon.. do you know about any cool interior design websites or ideas?

-Ása :)