Monday, 12 October 2009

Cemetery Times

So I have had the dreadful combination of laziness and lack of Internet, but fear not, the engineer is coming round next week to bestow some lovely Internet upon us and i can't bloody wait!

However even if my musings and exploits haven't been recorded on the blogspere they have been happening don't you worry. I'm currently as poor as a church mouse and busy as a bee as i am thrown back into the life of a student. Settling into the new place has taken time but now we have a lovely little home made.

Our house backs onto an overgrown Gothic cemetery with broken headstones and creeping vines. It is so beautiful and eerie that half of me wants to creep around and explore and the other half is rather afraid of what lurks around each corner. The leaves are starting to fall right now so it feels like the perfect place to stroll through under low autumn sun wrapped up in my woolly tights and fur stole. These are going to become my winter staples - I have never been a trousers girl and i think a fur stole is the scarfs classier cousin. So here is my take on my favourite season; mixing tweeds with fur and big thick knits to welcome the cold front in style. But as my church mouse status makes these items beyond reach it is just a wish list for now.

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Robynne said...

I agree - why wear trousers, when winter gives you the perfect excuse to pile on the scarves and shrugs! Unless they're my new favourite high-waisted jeans of course...Hope you're enjoying your new house!