Sunday, 18 October 2009

New Shoes

As my time in China was drawing to an end I began to notice all the beautiful Chinese ladies tottering around in fabulous clogs; black with studs, pink and floral, white and ornate, every variety imaginable. They looked high and awkward but incredible! I became obsessed. Everywhere I went I was in search of the perfect clog. I wanted simple black and high. But alas no shoes were to be found and I gave up hope of ever finding these elusive shoes. So imagine my surprise when browsing the images of Chanel's Spring 2010 RTW Paris show - the barn dance and Lily Allen combo was genius by the way- I saw clogs, beautiful impractical clogs. They were adorned in poppies, pearls and lace, in red, black and white. I loved them; Chanel have made a clumpy wooden shoe elegant and chic. The same cannot be said about the Louis Vuitton version, which was slightly more car crash couture in my eyes. Now I must just eagerly await the Topshop version unless Santa is feeling particularly flush this Christmas.

Chanel 2010 RTW

Louis Vuitton 2010 RTW

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