Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Alexa's Style for Sale

I am a bit of an unashamed Alexa Chung lover, always have been and probably always will be. Unfortunately I am a massive scorner of celebrity design collaborations, they generally offer a much cheaper and less exciting version of a style we love for being bold and unique, and therefore is only a disappointment. So these are the two mixed feeling that were flowing through me when I saw the collection that lovely Alexa has designed for Madewell.

So my review.
Well it is classic Alexa; children's coats, velvet, peter pan collars, brogues and clogs. Its cleverly designed clothes that look like they were picked up in beyond retro and are budget friendly toboot. The collection is sweet but a bit unoriginal in places, it isn't something that I don't see walking down the streets of London already. It will with out a doubt be a hit in America, who after all was the target consumer. Plus side is clogs were a feature in the collection; fingers crossed for cheap international shipping.

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bambam said...

oooooooh, me likey the black velvet polka dot devore shirt worn under the dungaree shorts. yummy x