Friday, 23 April 2010


The glorious sun has been making a prolonged appearance in the skies of London Town lately and it has made me very happy indeed! I would be better if I could be outside appreciating it rather than snatching glimpses when I do take my coffee breaks from the library. The strict routine of coffee is all that is getting me through. However, life is not all doom and gloom and lately the sunshine esq joy seeping into my heart has come in the form of the beautiful illustrations from Janelle Mentesana.

This talented lady has turned her hand to illustrating some of the prettiest S/S10 looks that stomped down the catwalk. Her tumbler blog has her simple and colourful illustrations accompanied by anecdotes detailing her personal happenings. Its is probably one of the most intimate, funny and sweet blogs I have seen in a long time. And I read a is a handy procrastination tool. Her illustrations are simple but captivating and there is something quite whimsical about the way she draws.

At present she is in the process of setting up her own Etsy shop (which I believe will be open in a week) so that devotees, like myself, can purchase her prints. It would be amazing if they came on little postcards so I could have a wall with the whole collection and send them to all my most fashion savvy pals. So please check her out, you won't regret it. But to wet your appetite her are a few of her pretty images.

The Miu Miu daisy print clog
The Miu Miu flower and dog platform

Abbey Lee Kershaw
Balenciaga platform.

OH and for those of you unaware the Mid-Season Sales have started, I did Topshop yesterday after a hard day with the book and picked up some cracking pieces. Although it did make me realise why I hate sale shopping. Promise to post some pictures of my purchases and my tips for surviving sales soon. But for now it's back to the essays I go, I can almost feel the finish line.

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