Saturday, 24 April 2010

Surviving the Sales

As I mentioned in my last post I hit up the Topshop mid-season sale last week and bought some pieces that have made me very happy and were well worth the hell that is sale shopping. I, however, have a few tricks that get me through this stress inducing situation.
So here are my top tips:

No1. Be Prepared. Before I head into the chaos I check the stores website and have a look see if there are any pieces that are worth the scrummage for. It means that you can get in and get you without loosing a limb.
No2. Take it all. When I am perusing the rails I save all the deliberation for later. If I see something I like I pick it up and I mean any thing and everything that takes my fancy. I then take myself off and find a quiet spot in the store (preferably near a mirror) and sort through it all. It means you aren't rushed into snap decisions which you will likely end up regretting. (And because I am a retail girl myself I bring all the unwanted stuff back to the sale rail.)
No3. Don't let the price fool you. Just because something is cheap it doesn't mean that it is any good. Don't forget your personal style and end up getting a piece just because it is cheap. I have half a wardrobe filled with regretful purchases and with all that money I could have bought a high-end wardrobe staple, like a Whistles dream piece (well maybe not quite but you get my drift).
No4. Dress for it. If you know you are going sale shopping then wear clothes that can be taken off with ease. I generally go for leggings huge tee dress and a vest top underneath because sales normally means full dressing rooms and I hate to wait so I go find a mirror and try it all on right there and then. I know I have no shame.

Anywho here are the precious purchases;

I had in fact intended to buy these shoes full price but I chicken out, and wasn't that a spot of luck because they were more than 50% off!!

Amazing T-Shirt dress, a throw on stunner.

This is actually a size 16 vest, works wonders a dress (as long as your nude underwear is there)

I found this on the website and decided I had to have it. It is a crop top but a bit long, the way I like them.



steph, are those the windows in your flat? they look beaut. i need to come visit next time im home please :) miss you x

Alixanne said...

haha that's so cool, topshop sales are always the worst! Love the horse top ♥