Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday Decadence

Vintage top - Vintage Gap skirt - House of Henry Holland tights - Topshop shoes

This is what I wore yesterday. It was a beautiful sunshiney day so I took a break from the books and walked down to my local farmers market with Hannah, my fella and a pal. I adore this farmers market.
It is held in a school playground and only have a few stalls that sell organic fruit and veg, organic butchers, homemade cakes and breads. I like watching all the cool kids meeting their friends from school and running riot on the jungle gyms; all mini trend setters might I add too.
I have had a wheat free diet for the past 4months and something I really miss is good homemade bread. There is one brand I like but it is almost 4 times the price of a regular loaf..eeck! So my wheat free heart was very happy to see this yummy wheat free seeded loaf, and for half the price I normally pay. On the way out of the market is this amazing fishmonger where I had indulged myself in an oyster and a barbecued scallop and chorizo kebab.

Oh what delicious decadence!

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