Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Bit 'O' Street Style.

This lovely H&M staffer really looks the bees-knees, the cats meow or however you want to put it. I snapped this a while ago when we were still clinging onto the last bits of our Indian Summer, so her beautifully layered look works perfectly. The beige and black are bold but not gloomy; the lack of a popping colour takes nothing away from this look. The long-line jersey blazer here is such a staple, its both effortless and practical. All the layers are almost the same length but stop just short, enough to make a smooth tiered set of layers. Mucho appreciation.

I have always been slightly obsessed with the Dutch top model Iekeliene Stange, so to see her in real life was like a dream come true, how could I not stop and pap her?! Her face is to die for and her wardrobe to kill for. She has such a quirky and eclectic sense of style, filled with vintage pieces that hang beautifully from her slight frame. Iekeliene's blazer is the direct opposite of the other lovely ladies. It is punchy and bright, made unique with all the badges piled on the lapel. The clumpy shoes juxtaposed to the floaty dress work wonderfully; it satisfies both the girly girl and tomboy that lurks within us all. Another home run Miss Stange, BRAVO!

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