Thursday, 19 November 2009

A New Medium

I don't consider myself an expert on art or fashion or photographers or anything else for that matter. But I do consider myself intelligent and ready to learn more. This is the reason I love ilovefake Magazine. Its an intelligent and beautiful, interesting and thoughtful. It doesn't try and regurgitate fashion information that we already know, like floral for Spring and the trends that have been flying around the shops for 3months prior to hitting Look Magazine. They are also aiming to look beyond the conventional forms of publication and so it is published on-line, making it accessible. I still love the feel of magazines and their weight and I've always been a CD over MP3 kinda girl. But for this magazine I think I could make a change. It is unique and it has goals; "Our goal is to be an inspiration guide worldwide in the fashion and culture industry".

Well it has certainly inspired me.


Ásgerður Snævarr said...

Hey Steph.. Love your blog. Love that you're updating it more. Yay... my friends have even been asking about you

- Ása!:)

Miss Q said...

glad you like it my lovely...keep your friends reading because their will be more promise xx