Monday, 15 March 2010

J'aime Le Paris

Anne Valerie Hash
This was one of the most youthful and current shows that were on offer. The sheer fabric was on the right side of sexy. I especially loved the sheer jersey and soft comfortable look that exuded from every piece. Very wearable.

Balenciaga really pulled out all the stops with this collection. For me it was pretty flawless from head to toe, in fact especially the toes; I adored the shoes. The futuristic collection never lost sight of the fact that this was to be warn. The short short skirts and pencil trousers in the beautiful light shades and prints have won my heart. Unlike in other collections Balenciaga didn't offer heavy knits but fine embellished jumpers that look impeccably soft.

Now this was a collection for the grown ups. The sex appeal exuded from this collection. Jersey material came in deep dark colours that was sculpted and given an asymmetry with clean lines. The shoulders were the feature that Elbaz wanted to show off and I think he did it very well. Although this collection is probably a little bit mature for my tastes I adored the one shoulder maxi pictured above; simple chic. The shaggy fur jackets were seen here and in many other collections and I can't wait for it to work its way into my wardrobe.

Sonia Rykiel
Get me a pom-pom head band now please! The first thing that struck me about this collection was how happy the models were, but then I would be pretty happy wearing any of these pieces too. I liked clever detail of the big pins that held together the heavy knits, whose softness I could feel through the camera. There was a genuine fresh femininity to all these looks with the silks, oversized pieces and wispy hair. It was fresh and a move away from the black that swamped many of the other shows.

The Chloe women has become clearly defined over the past few collections so even though it isn't new to use it still hasn't lost any of its charm. The heavy tweeds, oversized masculine coats and knitted trousers were a clear progression for the spring summer collection using the same hair and colour pallet. I also suspect it will become just as successful. However, on the downside I really hope there isn't a cowboy boot revival. Bad flash backs from when I was 16.

Now this show hasn't received the best press but I am so in love with it. In my view, Richard Nichol created a solid collection. Each look presented a variation on a singular colour and offered a creative take on layering. The variety of materials was probably the best bit; I adored the leather, soft knits and delicately draped silks. I can't even pin-point one look that I love most, every time I try I fall in love with a new one. Guess I better start saving my pennies now.

Im pretty sure lust is a sin, especially if it comes in the doses I feel for this collection.
Although there has been a denial of any religious links with this collection there are definite undertones of Catholicism in the imagery. Sheer was seen all over the Paris shows, but here it was probably one of the best places it was used. I want one of these maxi skirts as well, perfect for Sunday lounging...erm I mean Mass.

Stella McCartney
I love a bit if Stella, and I have to say this collection didn't disappoint. The simple tailored perfection was, well... perfect. I think my favourite piece was the one off, knitted high collared trapeze mini in bright orange: amazing!

This collection was a real progression from the couture collection. That may sound strange because couture shows are generally not trend lead but the Gothic undertones within this collection demonstrated obvious similarities. Colour was injected into the collection with blood red coats and minis and the sumptuous velvets and delicate laces gave a sexy maturity to this collection that was undeniably attractive.

Dries Van Noten
The massively overstated skirts and cool ass sun glasses created the most undeniably incredible combination. This collection was the perfect blend of masculine elements, in the blazers, military pocket detail on the dresses and aviators, and the feminine dark prints and beautiful court shoes. Big skirts seen here, Louis Vuitton and Chloe and it looks like they will be a big trend fall 2010/11. Not sure yet about how wearable they are; I like them on these tall leggy models but on my little short frame I ain't so sure. Doesn't take away the beauty of it all though.

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