Friday, 26 March 2010


Tilda Swinton has always been someone who has inspired me. I would not consider myself a feminist but I adore the fact that she is an empowered women who does not fit into the archetypal Hollywood starlet image and who makes no excuses about it either. Her grasp of fashion is also undeniably different, she doesn't bow to trends and she is also actively involved in the art world. Creativity seems to run through her veins.
Her latest cinematic offering has again left me spellbound. I AM LOVE tells the story of the model matriarch of a very important Milanese family and how her repressed sexuality and passions bubble over into her own personal revolution. It is visually breathtaking in both the cinematography and wardrobe, which was provided by the incredibly talented Raf Simons at Jill Sander. The clothes are just one aspect of the beauty of this film and although the wardrobe of Tilda's character Emma offers a clear insight into her personality, Tilda has said herself that it means substantially less to the film than style does.

Maybe I am just old fashioned but this film feels like it will be a true cinematic experience in the simplest and most luxurious sense. I do not claim to be a film buff; I haven't caught onto this whole 3D thing yet and I can't list every Hitchcock or Woody Allen in chronological order. But I do know that this film makes my heart beat run a bit faster and makes me long for a Sunday matinee at my favourite velvet seated cinema.

I AM LOVE set for UK release April 6th.

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A La Mode said...

She is so beautiful, I just love her!