Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Style Advisor

I am fully aware that my love for Chloe Sevigny is borderline creepy but I don't care. She is probably my number 1 modern day style icon and so you can understand my excitement in seeing her as the cover for the April issue for ELLE UK.
Throughout 2009 Chloe was acting style advisor in ELLE, offering her pearls of wisdom to style confused ladies all over the UK, and it is nice to see they have asked this lady back for an interview and shoot for this year's style issue. I also love the fact that the Miu Miu collection was a massive component of this editorial (she even said in the that it was one of her favourite collections of S/S 10), the dog print has even been used in the ELLE title.

Clogs were also a big part of the feature. Sick of them yet? I am not and am also in something of a clog related predicament.

Should I save up and make the investment of the Miu Miu Daisy Clog,
get on the waiting list for the much cheaper Jeffrey Campbell Charlie C Clogs

or go ahead and get the Jeffrey Campbell Splendid Clog?
Stylistically my favourite would be the Miu Miu then the Charlie C and the Splendid. But I want clogs now and not sure if a £300 purchase on the Miu Mius is justified. I wish Chloe was my style advisor I am sure she would know what to do.

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